The last song

He had had a nice tenor voice and he was still madly in love. He had learned many love songs for his wife. Also when a cruel war forcibly separated them for a long time. And of course, when they managed to cross the borders and got together again. He had wandered thru Europe and learned many languages to sing his love.

I was with him in the hospital one sunny morning. He knew he was dying. His blue eyes were closed most of the time. The tv was on, and they were broadcasting the Three Tenors Concert. In a given moment Pavarotti began to sing a Italian song: “Non ti scordar di me” .

At the first notes I heard my dad say . “I know this song” . And with his weak voice he began to sing to me :

Don’t forget about me:
My life is tied to you
I love you more and more
In my dream you stay

Don’t forget about me
My life is tied to you
There’s always a nest
In my heart for you

Don’t forget about me

Don’t forget about me

It was the last song he sang. He died three days after. The melody still makes me cry. It was daddy telling me goodby. I’ve never forgotten about him. I’ll never forget about him.



Author: Olga Brajnović

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