Saved by the ghost



Alicia didn’t realize how late it was until the deep silence began to scream to her. You’re all alone here. Scared, she closed the book, turned off the computer and rushed out of her cubicle hoping to find some colleague to go with him or her towards the bus stop.

A dangerous man was on the loose in the campus. He had already assaulted ten female students and teachers, always at night. She had been extra careful, never going out alone when it was dark. But that day, her research had entered a very interesting phase, and she had lost the sense of time.

She looked around in dismay to discover that effectively she was the last one on the office and probably in the building. She went out of the building, praying with all her heart for her safety. There was not a soul. She began to walk fast along the dark path.

Suddenly, from a group of trees emerged the black silhouette of a tall man, walking towards her. He approached fast and determined. When they paths crossed, he stopped, hesitated, and then began to run away. She arrived to the bus stop still shaking but sound and safe.

Next day they told her that a man had assaulted a woman the night before very close to her building and the police were looking for witnesses. She went to the police station and found that the suspect was the same man she had seen the night before.

– Why didn’t you attack me last night, she asked him.

– How could I with that big guy who was with you. I’m not a foul.

– Which guy.

– Don’t play games with me. Who was that big black dude in the leather jacket by your side. Sure your boyfriend. You’re lucky having such a bloke to shield you.

Alicia knew she was alone that night. That man had seen a ghost. Or maybe had seen the personification of her guardian angel. Anyway, the ghost or whatever he was, had saved her.


Author: Olga Brajnović

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