A world of silence

She smiles most of the time and nods now and then when somebody addresses her. But I know she has no clue of what they are saying. She’s completely deaf. She lives in a world of silence, isolated of the outer space. A strange world, full of solitude, no matter how many people are around her. She spends lots of time reading and living in her memories.

Long time ago she was a succesful woman, with an intense professional and family life. She was independent, always a leader making plans for the family and the working team, and had a commanding personality. But now she was secluded into herself. Old, weak, and deaf. The worst for her, was depending on others to go wherever she wanted. The incomprehension. The lack of communication.

Once she said she couldn’t sleep because there was an engine making noise all night, everybody at home laughed. If she’s so deaf, how can she hear an engine at night to the point to wake up? Everybody made jokes except one of her daughters. She said: if mom says she heard something, she must have some reason.

It was raining. It had been raining all the previous night. When the daughter went to her mom’s room to fix the bed she leaned on the wall and felt it. A vibration. It was the pipe on the facade, draining the heavy rain it was falling. That was the “noise” her mother had heard at night. She couldn’t hear, but she could feel the vibration. So don’t laugh at a deaf who says that has heard something. Being deaf is very hard and they need care and sympathy.


Author: Olga Brajnović

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