Was everything lost?


Everything was lost.

The fire had spread very fast from the living room, where it started, to the rest of the house.

Igor and Elisabeth had waked up because of the noise of the cupboard falling down burned. The little children began to cry. Mathew, who was five, was calling them. The power was off. No lights. Only a thick smoke with which was almost impossible to breathe and a menacing red radiance coming from the rooms already in flames.

Igor only had time to take some wet towels from the bathroom, and run with his wife to the children’s rooms to take them in their arms out of the house. The firefighters came immediately and the first aid too. They had to go to the hospital, because they had been too much time exposed to the smoke and were intoxicated, above all the more vulnerable, the baby of the house, little Lucy who was three months old.

It was a long night. The fear, the anguish, the worry for the kids, and the flames growing and growing without stop despite the efforts of the firefighters. Igor went out of the hospital next morning after having news about the good evolution of his family. He went home only to find a pile of burned debris still smoking.

He began to walk thru what had been his home. Awful. Everything was lost. Not only the furniture, the appliances , the money.  But the photos, the kids drawings, all the little things that they had cherished and loved during those ten years of family life together. Memories. Now burned, lost memories.

He was engulfed in those dark feelings, when he spotted something bright in the middle of all the black surroundings. Something had been saved from the flames: a Bulgarian icon his grandmother gave him as a gift for his wedding. He picked up the image from the debris, blew to take away the ash, cleaned up carefully the surface and began to feel thankful.

Was everything lost?. Not at all. In the middle of all that disaster, there was preserved the a greatest thing: they have saved their lives. The more important value that the house had inside, was saved from the  flames  just in time. It’s gonna be hard to begin again from scratch, but at least they will do it together.



Author: Olga Brajnović

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  1. You have shown the value of life and the people we love is greater than anything we might possess.

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    • Thank you. This is what I wanted.

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