How I learned about lies

When I was little I thought that everybody was sincere, above all the adults. I couldn’t imagine one of them telling me a lie. But very soon I learned the sad truth about lies.

Because I had a malformation in my right  foot, I fell  very often while playing. Once, after hurting myself playing,  I  asked to my teacher crying: why the grown ups never fall? and she told me : because if they fall they die. I of course believed blindly her assertion.

Some days after that, a sunday, I was going to go for a walk with my parents and siblings. As always, my brother and I went down the stairs of our house running while my parents followed behind slowly with my younger sisters.

Suddenly, when my brother and I were already at the door of the building, waiting for our parents,  we heard a loud noise and saw my dad’s cigarettes falling down the stairs. I immediately understood that my father had fallen down.

I began to cry thinking that I had become an orphan. But then I heard my mom laughing. I thought puzzled: How can she laugh if dad has died?.

Seconds after, I saw  my dad  coming down the stairs, smiling, and picking up his cigarettes. He had fallen down but he had no died! My teacher had lied to me.

The shock of that sunday was so big I’ve never forgotten those seconds of anguish.


Author: Olga Brajnović

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