Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Commercial sites

My mistake. I read too fast the challenge. I didn’t realize it was about buildings.  I went out with my camera in search of commercial sites and I took pics of several old shops in my quarter. Here they are.


This is an old pharmacy still in business, very close to the City Hall of Pamplona. On the wall above the facade, there is a little showcase with a small statue of the Virgin Mary and the Child.

Everybody knows how old is the clothes shop Gutiérrez, also in the City Hall square of Pamplona. It’s written on the corner very clear:  Opened since 1840 ( 166 years). You can find inside sports clothes, folk attires, working clothes and a little of everything.


The Victor Idoate’s  Jewellery has a facade in the most pure Spanish modernism style which was in fashion in the last decades of the XIX Century and the first decades of the XX Century.  It’s another of the old shops of my quarter witha proper style, part of the history of these streets.


Mr. Rouzaut sells glasses in this old store in my neighbourhood, completely renovated in the inside.  It seems that he decided to make sure his customers couls see his shop eaasily, so he painted the facade in bright yellow.

Donezar is one of my favorite shops in the neighbourhood. Generation after generation, the Donezar’s have run this little commerce where they sell candies and candles. ¿ Whythis strange combination? Very simple. They own honeycombs. With the wax that the bees produce they make the candles and with the honey , they make all sort of candies. They sell honey also.It’s all delicious.  For instance, When the babies are born and is time to baptize them, you know where to find nice candles  for the ceremony and candies to give to the friends invited.


P. Atozki is a luthier who has his shop at the “new street” in a pretty ancient building. I love music and this place fascinates me. He told me he makes new violins, violas or violoncellos and repairs old and used ones. He works the wood with great skills.


Here is Mr. Atozki, the luthier, in his workshop, repairing a violin. This is how it looks the shop in the inside. He is working the whole time and also attending the customers. I asked him about how is it business going, and he said, without stopping working,  “struggling, because the economic crisis is affecting us”.

Cee’s fun photo Challenge Commercial buildings    

Author: Olga Brajnović

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  1. Excellent photos for this week’s challenge. Thanks for playing. 😀

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    • Tnak you, Cee. This was really fun!

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