I guess I’ve never had time to primp. Or at least I’ve never have had the willingest do so. When I was young and pretty I had no need to do it. And now that I’m older and the pass of the years becomes evident in my face, I have nor the habit, nor the patience to do it.

I usually don’t wear make up, I hate be worried about the hairdo and things like that. I like comfortable outfits. loose dresses, jeans and sweaters or t-shirts, with some style, it’s true, but nothing to fancy, and always comfortable.

I never used earrings untill my dad’s death Then, at 42 , I decided to make holes in my ears to make happy my mom who is very conceited and likes to look like a queen in every situation. She would like that her daughters were like her, always elegant, ready to welcome visits no matter what hour, what day of the week. But none of us have inherited her likes for the good appearance. We are rather worried about comfort.

Now that she’s paralytic and cannot do almost anything for herself, she never forgets to ask me to comb her hair, above all in the back of her head. With the only hand she can move she manages to apply her facial cream and her lipstick. The moment she becomes uninterested in her appearance it means she’s very, very sick. Almost dying. And this is not an exaggeration.

It happened two times. We were really worried. Last time was last week in the hospital. Fortunately she recovered and she’s now at home asking for help to get dressed like a queen reigning in her small apartment where she’s confined due to her sickness.

In the picture, me without any trick.


Author: Olga Brajnović

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