Good Night, my Super Moon Monday


Good night! Over here in Europe, we are already going to bed after a busy Monday. I couldn’t resist and I went out with my camera and my tripod to try to capture the super moon. It was quite an adventure.

The evening was windy and cloudy. I looked for a dark spot away of the city lights. I chose the city walls of Pamplona, Spain, very close to my home.

When I was going toward my destination I saw a car coming in my direction in the middle of the park where driving is forbidden. The car stopped almost at my side and two gentlemen emerged from the front seats and opened the back door where there was a young man handcuffed. I preferred not to investigate more about them since it was getting dark and we were alone there.

I continued my way to the city walls. I found my spot and pointed my camera…. to the wrong direction. There was no way to see the moon because it was very cloudy. I have a serious problem distinguishing between right and left, east and west, and so on. A man warned me of my mistake and I turned around.

Suddenly saw a festival of lights over the Cathedral. It was the bright moon trying to prevail over the clouds drawing crazy lines of white fire on the canvas of the horizon over the silhouette of the medieval church.

I began to shot with my camera excited, but something was wrong with the machine. I had forgotten the memory card!

By the time I solved the problem (going home and running back to the city walls again) the moon was high and the light effects gone.

So I have the typical image of the super moon, and not a very good one, I may say. But it’s still my super moon.

Author: Olga Brajnović

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