Scorched: Carving my days

I put away my instruments in its cases and its place on the rack very neatly and I didn’t forget to swept the floor. I liked the workshop that way at the end of the day. Everything clean and ready for another day of intense work.

It was very late . My boss had gone long before, but he made clear that I had to finish the carving of the figure of the horse for mr. Schuman before leaving that day.

I would prefer to have had  more time because I found that the carving that little sculpture was quite challenging and I wanted to do my best. I hate to rush in my assignments. I love to make things well, with care, and deliver something I can be proud of.

But my boss wants fast production. He says I’m good but too slow. He says I can make my carvings less perfect but faster. Only I want my figures to be the best. I’m not ready to scorch myself of my responsibilities and become a failure.

So I began to work after hours just to get the job done at my satisfaction. That night I felt proud of the little wooden horse I made for Mr. Schuman, plenty of movement and life. It was in the middle of the table of my boss when I left the workshop.

It was almost midnight. I was terribly tired, eager to get home and eat something and worried. I didn’t know how much time I would be able to work  so many hours. Besides I was afraid I could lose my job because my boss wasn’t very happy with my schedule.

When I went out all was silent. Suddenly, from a nearby tree,  a mockingbird began to sing so beautifully that I stopped my car and stayed at the parking lot to listened him. The bird’s song was like a balsam to my tired soul .


Author: Olga Brajnović

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