Chaotic Booze

My square is nice and full of life which is good during the day.

It has a public school , a public library, lots of small shops and a little park for children with swings and other elements to play.

But some weekends at night, hordes of youngsters come with big bottles of booze to mix and get drunk and they scream no stop all night.

Many of them are minors. And this is because they drink on the streets and not in the bars where they don’t serve alcohol beverages to minors.

They buy bottles of rum, vodka, and so on in the supermarkets mix their contents in plastic bottles of a gallon that they carry on to their crazy feasts on the streets.

I don’t understand why the police lets them do that. Recently, in another city in Spain a 13 years old girl died  in one of these feasts because of the amount of alcohol she drank. It’s really a serious problem.

Those nights our square get transformed in a chaotic space where people get drunk, play music, have disputes, sometimes rather violent. Next day, the square seems a landscape after a battle. A carpet of plastic bottles and glasses covers the floor, here and there a lost footwear or a rag, and all kind of filth. The smell terrible.

But soon arrives the cleanse team with a truck with  water and detergent, and an army of sweepers. In half an hour, everything is clean and the smell is gone.

I ask to myself, why doesn’t the police teams are so effective to prevent these feasts by controlling the sells of booze in the supermarkets and going to the places where those youngster gather to get drunk?


Author: Olga Brajnović

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  1. So are all the kids local? Who are their parents? They do this in the ghetto, I used to live by some neighborhoods similar and it wasn’t just on the weekends because these young folks are not in school anymore, but don’t have jobs. Someone needs to straighten them out. Very sad. Them buying booze helps the economy.

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    • Here there are kids from the neighborhood and kids from other quarters of the city who come just for the weekend. I think the parents are overwhelmed with the problem. Here kids can go out Friday night and return home next morning at 6 or even 9. It’s crazy.

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