His name means Oak

His name means Oak. He is tall and athletic and must had been very handsome.

Now he can’t hear. Almost can’t even speak, and his face is pretty deformed by his serious sickness and several operations. He likes to wear black clothes and walk alone.

I met him in the hospital where I was recently interned. I thought it would be impossible to communicate with a person who only grunted incomprehensible sounds.

But yesterday, after dinner, he was resting a little in a common area, and he brought a notepad. A young patient, a student, approached him with her own notepad an a pen, and they began to talk thru notes. Other patient and I joined the group.

We discovered under the sinister appearance, a very sensible and gentle man. A music lover who knew by heart songs By Neil Young and Led Zeppelin he will never hear again. Who wanted to know about our problems and give us solace holding our hands.

He told us the dramatic story of his sickness, a seven years long courageous fight.  But he was more interested on us. When I told him I Was going home next day he gave me as a gift a drawing he had made: a heart of flowers. That evening talking thru notes has stay deeply marked in my soul.


Author: Olga Brajnović

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