Just in case

In an act of hope, I renewed my passport early this year, although my possibilities of traveling abroad are almost null. But you never know, you must be prepared if the opportunity pops out.

By now, I must be close to home at all times because my mom needs me at her side. She’s almost 97 and very had a brain stroke four years ago. The stroke left her paralytic. So now she needs help for everything. I’m glad to be able to help her these years and give her back all the love she has gave me during her live.

Last february, I had the opportunity to organise everything to make a flash trip to Croatia. Just two days. The reason was that people over there had organize an homage to my late father, who was a writer, poet, university teacher and there was a presentation of a book about him. My sister and I went as representatives of the family. Another sister of mine came from her city to take care of my mom those days while we were out.

I took my brand new passport. It was not necessary, because Croatia is member of the EU and we could travel with our ID cards. But I just wanted to use it.

Our brief visit to Zagreb was very moving. We could greet and embrace our cousins after years of absence. We saw the admiration, affection and respect towards my father from so many people in his homeland.

It was great, bu so brief… Only two days. I would like to have more time to visit the city and to be with my family and friends, but it was impossible. Mom was waiting at home avid of news. We had lots of things to tell her. She was very moved also listening our stories and reading the newspapers we brought with the news about the homage with old photos of my father in them.

Author: Olga Brajnović

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