Live your life without rush but without pause, they told me once when I was young and avid of new experiences. It’s the best way to achieve your goals one by one with a sure steps in the right direction.

Never have could.

Back then, I was willing to run fast to live exciting experiences as a reporter. Soon the rush was part of my life. As a journalist working for a daily newspaper I had daily deadlines to finish my work. I had no schedule during the day. I could be called as soon as the sun raise, and finish almost at midnight. At night was very stressful, because it was the rush hour when we had to do whatever to finish in time to reach deadline.

I needed a pause, to take a deep breath and refresh my head. usually we make a coffee break at 7 pm, but it was pretty uncomfortable , because we didn’t have a proper place to have a coffee, only a machine under a stair. No tables nor chairs. We used to be there standing and talking about things at the company only for a few minutes.

Before the machine of coffee arrived, we had the most primitive machine for beverages I have seen in my life. It delivered cokes and other sodas, even beers. It was a big freezer blocked by iron bars to avoid people taking the beverages without paying. There was a long iron bar with a bottle clamp at one end. You had to “fish” the bottle, take it up, put it in one holder, insert the coin to unlock it, and then grab the bottle. In the process, some bottles could fell down and could break. You needed practice to do it right. It was funny go “to fish” your refreshment. Besides, back then, there was one bench to sit down and eat some snack without any rush.

Soon in my life as a reporter I began to feel the need of a pause to don’t lose my head living 24 hours a day for my newspaper. I needed my space, my family life. At home I had work to do bot the change of activity and the love made it totally different

Now I’m not working and I’m dedicated to take care of my ailing mom , I also need now and then a pause to avoid getting overcome by the tiredness.


Author: Olga Brajnović

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