Detail of table football players, painted with colors of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, playing against each other.

Since my father passed away, I became a sport’s outlier. Everybody in my family is a Real Madrid fan. I’m a Barcelona follower as my father was.

When there is a match between the two teams I’m all alone cheering Barcelona while all the others are yelling to cheer Real Madrid with passion. We are Croatians living in Spain and we even have a Croat player in every team: Luka Modrić in Real Madrid and Ivan Rakitić in Barça.

Usually I don’t say much during the matches, because I’m in such a terrible minority. Only when the Barça wins, my voice announcing: goal! is heard over the oooooooh nooooo! of the others.

It’s funny. We usually have a good time together .  We are a very easy-going family and nobody gets angry. Football is a game in the end.

Now that we are dispersed in several cities and countries, when there is a match in the TV, we chat all together through Whatsapp and we share smiles and laughter.


Author: Olga Brajnović

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  1. I’m sure you aren’t really alone; bet your Dad is right there with you cheering all the way 😃

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    • Oh! thank you! I think so too.

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