Rare earthquake

We had an earthquake recently over here. Just 5.4 degrees Richter. We are not used to that kind of geological phenomena, so it was a big surprise. It was so quick that we couldn’t react. just a big jolt, with a thunderous noise. Just a couple of seconds. It was so brief and noisy that there were people who thought that it had been a bomb. Fortunately there were no big damages, nor casualties.

I have been in a biggest earthquake in San Francisco, California. There, the earth trembled longer, everything around me moved, and began to fall down, and I heard how the earthquake opened a crack on the wall. That was really scary. I forgot all that safety measures that they explain to you when you arrive to the city. I grabbed with all my strength the table (it was during dinner) trying to maintain the balance and waited to see what would happen totally pale, in complete silence.

As I said before in my city earthquakes happen seldom. The last time I remember one was when I was a student living in a Dorm. We were sleeping when I was awaken by a noise like a boom boom boom boom that was coming towards us, and everything began to move. The beds with us inside too. I remember well the reactions of everyone. My roommate simply got angry because everybody was out of bed screaming and looking for safe places.

– It’s impossible to get some good sleep here!, she said while she pushed her bed to returned it to its place.

Under the doorway, a medical student took refuge and was praying aloud. And so on.

The morning after that we were having breakfast and there was a replica And we commented

– oh no, again.

– ¿Again? asked a journalism student who complained constantly that she had insomnia and the slightest noise awakened her. – Do you mean this has happened before?

Neither the earthquake nor the commotion that had taken place in the corridor that night had awakened her. Of course, we never believed her again when she complained about insomnia.



Author: Olga Brajnović

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