I miss my umbrella

heavy rain at my square

After a week with clear days and hot weather, we have today menacing gray clouds announcing rain and thunderstorms.

This is a good news for the reservoirs which were at half their capacity. We need water in spring to have a good summer. But is not so good news to me.

I have to walk half an hour to reach my mom’s house, where I go every day to take care of her, because she is very old and sick. I need a stroller walker to keep my balance. So I need both my hands to hold the walker and I can’t hold at the same time an umbrella.

When is raining I finish completely soaked. I have tried several hooded rain coats with no success. After two or three days of heavy rain the water begin to permeate the coat and wet my clothes. So I have to change my clothes when I arrive to my mother’s house and back again when I get back home. Little adventures of a slightly handicapped woman.

I miss my umbrella. I keep one at home. white with tiny red flowers.  hoping I’ll get cured of my disease and walk without help again.  Meanwhile I keep searching. I haven’t found yet a real waterproof raincoat.

I have had more luck with my boots. No matter how much it rains, my feet are safe and completely dry.

Today, I’m going to try a new red raincoat I bought in a discount recently. They assured me it was really waterproof. The problem is that is pretty short. Is more like a long jacket. Well, let’s see what happens, and how many times do I have to change my clothes today.

Author: Olga Brajnović

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