Apprentice with bad luck

Pamplona's Citi Hall in winter

My first assignment when I began to work in a newsroom as an apprentice was to go to the City Hall and cover the weekly meeting of the council. I was a student of journalism and when I arrived to the City Hall, I found that our competitor newspaper had sent as reporters my writing teachers.

They were seasoned journalists with years of experience doing that job and lots of knowledge of everything related to the council, the politicians, and the matters they were going to discuss that night. I was completely new and had no idea of what was going to find. They gave us documentation about the issues they were going to discuss that night. I perused the dossier and found it very difficult to understand.

My teachers – now also competitors – looked at me with kind of irony while we were waiting for the meeting to begin, probably as they noticed my puzzled expression. I was pretty nervous because I wanted to do as best as possible my first assignment and I could feel the pressure of the competence. Outside, the weather was unstable, a thunderstorm was approaching. Terrible combination. Thunderstorms provokes me strong migraines and this one was no an exception.

So, when the meeting was in progress I began to feel so bad I couldn’t take notes of what was happening. My head was aching terribly. I felt my left eye like if someone were drilling it. I was dizzy. I had orders to stay until 10 pm and then go to the newsroom to write my piece. Outside it was pouring. I walked like a zombie under the storm and arrived to the newsroom completely soaked. It was impossible for me to write, so I told to one of the older journalists what happened in the meeting and went home, again under the storm.

Thanks God my boss understood my situation and let me go home immediately. When I arrived home I simply threw myself on my bed as I was, with my wet clothes and my wet hair and stayed that way untill the migraine began to remit. So this is how passed my first day as an apprentice.


Author: Olga Brajnović

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  1. Migraines are the pits and only other migraine sufferers really understand how debilitating they are 😞🐻

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