Reporter in two worlds

After many years working in the newsroom of a newspaper with my boss always looking over my shoulder to check what I was doing, I got extremely stressed.

We didn’t have schedules, I often finished my workday at midnight. We almost didn’t have weekends. There was no way to have a social life , almost nor family life in those conditions.

Anyway, my doctor advised me to change the scenery for a while. So I decided to ask for two years of leave on absence, cross the Ocean and look for something in the Sates.

After several months in New York (what a city!) learning English and working for the head of a Spanish news agency, I took a plane a went to San Francisco to work as a Stringer for the same agency.

Suddenly I found myself working as a reporter alone,  with my boss at 2.800 miles and two time zones away. I was completely free to organize my time, provided that I complied with the deadline at 5 pm.

Almost every day I had time to have a relaxing walk on the Ocean Beach after work. Social life was more than possible. Have dinner in family every day, go out with friends was normal. Completely another life.

Besides, the city was beautiful and the job very interesting. I considered seriously to stay there for ever. I even got my green card.

But after two years my father was very sick and he needed me, so my mother did. This is why I decided to get back at their side and return to my old job.


Author: Olga Brajnović

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  1. “Olguica”, qué años más duros. Me acuerdo cuando nos hablabas de la vida de San Francisco y tus paseos por la playa y de tu libertad laboral. Te escribo mientras estoy solo en la redacción de Cordovilla haciendo el cierre después de hacer las páginas de internacional. Monotonía un día tras otro.
    Un abrazo

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    • Pedro, ¡qué sorpresa! Así que te toca cerrar ahora con internacional. Pobre. Lo del cierre es muy duro . Espero que lo lleves bien. Me acuerdo mucho de todos vosotros. Un abrazo muy fuerte. Olga

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