Danger! The running of the bulls

barricades in Pamplona

This is a  the barricade the municipality of Pamplona install to protect the runners and other people from the bulls during the Fiesta of San Fermin. You know, the festival in which they leave six bulls running thru the streets of the city and people run in front of them from the corrals to the Arena. All the way is protected by wooden barricades like this one which is in display all the year in its place close to the City Hall. It’s a reminder of the dangerous running of the bulls.

Author: Olga Brajnović

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    • They build a double barricade and it works. I think only once, more than a hundred years ago, a bull did break the barricade and it was really tragic, but since then, they have resisted all the running bulls year after year. The problem is when there is too many people in the street and there are not enough space behind the barricades to protect those who want to left the run or those who are too close to the bulls and really need to jump to avoid being gored. I’m a reporter and I had to inform many years about the wounded in the run. It’s crazy.

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