“el infiernito”

Close to my house, in the old quarter of Pamplona, there is a little electric guitars’ shop called “el infiernito” (“the little hell”).

When a more or less known rocker comes to buy a new guitar or fix an old one, and he or she’s in the mood, they bring out the drums and two or three guitars and begin to sing with their friends and the owners of the shop in a very loud volume.

People stop in their walks to listen and cheer them. Sometimes there are so many people, that the cars can’t pass.

But These impromptu concerts are so usual that everybody acts as if there were a normal situation. Cars simply slow down, as they approach the group. People move aside to open a way for the car, and then they return to occupy the street until another car comes.

The problem is the noise when you are in no mood for that kind of music. Because it’s so loud you can’t escape even with the windows closed. Sometimes, when the weather is nice and warm, they sing till late at night.

My neighbourhood is everything but boring.


Author: Olga Brajnović

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  1. Shops like that are few and far between unfortunately. They give up a good atmosphere. I cannot imagine anything like that here.

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    • it’s noisy but it’s funny. And this is only the appetizer. in less than a month we will be invaded by an army of music bands, folk groups, what they call here “txarangas” and other street musicians during our fiesta of San Fermin. All of them gather at some point in my square. We have music non stop,day and night ,during the whole week .

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  2. Sounds like a happy place to be 😃🦉

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    • it is. happy and full of surprises

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