The mayor and the bishop

The mayor of my city belongs to a far left party , so this year, just a few days before the roman Catholic feast of Corpus Christi, announced that he would not allow that the music band of the city would take part of the multitudinous procession which comes out from the cathedral thru the streets of the old quarter every year. The band always had been taken part, as it is a tradition.

The bishop was worried because in such a short notice he had no time to arrange things with another professional band. But soon he felt relieved when a school came to the rescue offering its kids band. In two days, they rehearsed some religious repertoire and the Navarre’s Anthem.

Thousands of people went out to the streets to take part of the procession, more than ever. And every time the kids of the band played , people clapped delighted. The young musicians were really good. It was a success. In the procession also took part a group of “dantzaris” or folk dancers, as ever.

This is funny, we are having our own version of the tales of Don Camilo and Peppone: The adventures of the determined priest and the convinced communist mayor of a village in the profound Italy written many decades ago, in the post WWII by Giovanni Guareschi. He conveyed a lot of good humour in his tales. And at the end the priest and the mayor couldn’t hide they were, with all their differences, friends. We need now in our city more humour and friendship to deal with our real life.


Author: Olga Brajnović

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