Shimmering Along the Way

I’ve been some days ago to visit the path of the first stage of the Way of St. James in Spain coming from France. It was a rainy and cold day. We arrived to Roncesvalles, very close to the place where the battle in which Roland, the protegée of Charlemagne was killed and his troops defeated by the local tribes in 778 when the powerful French army was trying to advance into the valley. This battle was the origin of the famous Chanson du Roland or Roland’s Song.  Since the Middle Ages Roncesvalles was the first resting place for the pilgrims doing the Way of St. James after crossing the Pyrenees. Today there is a shelter, a medieval hospital, a collegiate and a very ancient mausoleum. But above all there is a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary.
The silver coated sculpture of Our lady of Roncesvalles, shimmering in the dark gothic church, always had caught all my attention whenever I’d entered the place . And so happened this time. I love this image. She is smiling and peaceful.It’s easy to pray in front of her, above all when you are tired because of the long way.


Author: Olga Brajnović

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