The little wooden Carousel

Every year, in autumn, there is a medieval fair in my quarter: the old city of Pamplona . In my square, they arrange attractions for kids, among others a wooden carousel, which works with a system of dented wheels, rollers and levers, handled by a man instead of a motor powered machinery.

The horses and carts are simple-crafted, and the seats have sheep’s wool to become more comfortable. The carousel is pretty slow but the kids have a great time riding the wooden attraction, playing to be princes and princesses.

I like to see them playing. It reminds me when my brother my sisters and I, as kids, used to go to the city walls, and pretending that we were in a castle play hours and hours to knights and princesses, with wooden swords and our sweaters tied around our necks by the sleeves as cloaks flying to the wind while we ran for new adventures so alive in our imagination.

The medieval fair has also in my square many stalls with food, artisans making the most fabulous things, street musicians. Is really fun for everyone. So we have many visitors those days.


Author: Olga Brajnović

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  1. That was the sort of carousel I discovered at a small Swiss village fete. Itvwas driven by bicycle power on one of the objects and itvwas all in wood – a wonderful nostalgic memory.

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    • Aren’t they great? Thanks for your comment

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